Forest Hill Baseball Club

Forest Hill Baseball Club – Code of Conduct

RESPECT:  Team / Club / Game / Yourself

2014 - This Code of Conduct has been developed for all registered players, members and parents of Forest Hill Baseball Club (FHBC).

Any behaviour that is unlawful or disrespectful to others is an insult and indictment of everyone associated with club.

If, on the report of an umpire, team coach or club official, there is a serious breach of the Code of Conduct, the player or parent will be cited to appear before representatives of the FHBC Disciplinary Committee and shall be dealt with according to the FHBC Disciplinary Protocol.

It shall be the duty of FHBC committee members and coaches to ensure all of its registered players, members and parents are aware of the Code of Conduct. The observance of the Code of Conduct shall be considered a condition of membership to FHBC.

1.    All players will show respect and consideration to other team members, at all times.

2.    FHBC will not tolerate acts of aggression against teammates, spectators, officials or opponents.

3.    All Players shall compete by the competition conditions and rules and in the spirit and intent contained therein.

4.    Players and parents will not criticise or abuse umpires, other players or spectators either verbally or by gesture or manner.

5.    Players will show respect for their opponents and their skills.

6.    Players, members and parents will refrain from profanity at all times.

7.    Players shall not abuse equipment or place other players, umpires or spectators at risk of injury by throwing of bats or helmets etc.

8.    After practice and after games players are expected to assist teammates in packing away gear and cleaning up the field.

9.    Players and parents are expected from time to time to be available for volunteer duties such as field preparation, umpiring and scoring of junior games.

NOTE:  All registered members of FHBC are also held to the Codes of Conduct put forth by Baseball Australia, Baseball Victoria and the Melbourne Winter Baseball League which can be found on their websites.