Forest Hill Baseball Club

Forest Hill Baseball Club - Disciplinary Protocol

1)    Grounds for taking disciplinary action a)   TheClub may take disciplinary action against a member in accordance with this Division if it is determined that the member— i)     hasfailed to comply with the Forest Hill Baseball Club Code of Conduct; or ii)    refuses to support the purposes of Forest Hill Baseball Club; or iii)   has engaged in conduct prejudicial to the Forest Hill Baseball Club.


2)    Disciplinary subcommittee a)   If the Committee is satisfied that there are sufficient grounds for taking disciplinary action against a member, the Committee must direct the disciplinary subcommittee to hear the matter and determine what action, if any, to take against the member. b) The members of the disciplinary subcommittee— i) will consist of Club president, vice president, secretary, treasurer and chairman of selectors ii) if a member of the disciplinary committee has a pre-existing bias, be it against or in favour of the member concerned, they will be replaced by another member from the General Committee iii) if a member of the disciplinary committee was directly involved with the incident leading to the disciplinary meeting, they will be replaced by another member from the General Committee c) meetings of the disciplinary subcommittee shall be presided over by the Club president.

3)    Notice to member a)   Before disciplinary action is taken against a member, the Secretary must give written notice to the member— i)     stating that the Club proposes to take disciplinary action against the member; and ii)    stating the grounds for the proposed disciplinary action; and iii)   specifying the date, place and time of the meeting at which the disciplinary subcommittee intends to consider the disciplinary action (the disciplinary meeting); and iv)  advisingthe member that he or she may do one or both of the following— (1)  attend the disciplinary meeting andaddress the disciplinary subcommittee at that meeting; (2)  give a written statement to thedisciplinary subcommittee at any time before the disciplinary meeting; and (3)  setting out the member's appeal rights under rule 24. b)   The notice must be given no earlier than 28 days, and no later than 14 days, before the disciplinary meeting is held.


4)    Decision of subcommittee a)   At the disciplinary meeting, the disciplinary subcommittee must— i)     give the member an opportunity to be heard; and ii)    consider any written statement submitted by the member. b)   After complying with subrule (1), the disciplinary subcommittee may— i)     take no further action against the member; or ii)    subject to subrule (3)— (1)  reprimand the member; or (2)  suspend the membership rights of the member for a specified period; or (3)  expel the member from the Club. c)   The disciplinary subcommittee may not fine the member. d)   The suspension of membership rights or the expulsion of a member by thedisciplinary subcommittee under this rule takes effect immediately after the vote is passed.