Forest Hill Baseball Club

D GradeD ReservesELEE
Wheelers HillFootscrayCroydonWatsonia
@ Wheelers HillHome, D2@ Croydon@ Bundoora

O. Monagas

A. Roman

M. Flores

L. Tineo

M. O'Regan

A. Franco

O. Alexander

L. McKenzie

C. Garcia

L. Mayo

D. Crockett

T. Coad

​A. Roberton

Mitch Thorne

C. Dolby

M. Dolby

D. Peake

R. Parker

B. Stehr

N. Stehr

B. Webb

D. Crockett

T. Coad

D. Podolak

D. Wawra

Aaron Wawra

C. MacKenzie

B. MacKenzie

D. MacKenzie

S. Gale

C. Gale

Cam Gale

S. Campbell

M. Campbell

J. Campbell

D. Kendrick

M. Weller

​A. Weller

N. Tayler

B. Campbell

N. Sowden

​T. Lane

R. Jones​

B. Fisher

K. Privitera

H. Sowden​

Coach: Luis Mayo


Coach: David Peake


Coach: Crian MacKenzie


Coach: Andrew Weller



Director, Baseball Ops - Andy Wawra - 0403 191 617

GreensboroughRingwoodNorth BalwynWatonsia
Home, D1@ RingwoodHome, D1Home, D1
Saturday, 1:30pm12:15pm2:40pmSaturday. 1:30pm

B. Taylor

L. Bertrand

K. O'Malley

J. Busch

J. Ley

O. Dunn

D. Hill

M. Ley

B. Brown

​A. Blackley

F. Morrison

T. Culbert

C. Magee


R. Stevens-Dobby

F. Morrison

​B. Hele


T. Culbert

R. Pahos

C. Magee

D. Ling

R. Welsh

D. Morgan

P. Fitzgerald

D. Morgan

K. Stehr

R. Lo

J. Ling

D. Sowden

L. Magee

S. Hill

C. Mitchell

L. Ahearn

C. McGeary

A. Wawra

I. Wrigglesworth

​J. Sharp

H. Tran

G. Bush

M. Confoy

K. Jones

A. Taylor

Coach:  Adam Blackley


Coach: Leigh Bertrand


Coach: Steve Hill


Coach: Craig Mitchell

Coach: Andy Wawra


  • 1's and teams in Finals - at the field for 12noon warm up

Senior Selections - Round 18 & Finals